Pedro Nunes (1502 - 1578)

Mathematics, Cosmography and Nautical Science in the 16th century.


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Nonius moon crater


Noniana - A site created by Henrique Leitão. Lots of useful information. From here, you can access other useful information about History of Sciences. (PT)

Exibition at Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (2002) - Excellent design, lots of good information. (PT)

Arlindo Correia's site - Simple but with very useful information. (PT)

Ciência Viva - A commemorative site. Well organized, inspiring despite being static. (PT)

APM (Associação Portuguesa de Matemática) - A commemorative site. Developed by high school students. Has some activities to develop in the classroom. (PT)

Wikipedia - A good introductory level entry. Yet still has some errors to notice. Prefer the Portuguese version.

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive (University of St Andrews, Scotland) - A brief biographical note. Incomplete.

Catholic Encyclopedia - Outdated. Some wrong information will probably confuse the reader.   



Kugeloberfläche mit Fischen M. C. Escher Loxodrome I

Sphärische Spiralen M. C. Escher Loxodrome II

The Mercator Projection

Formula for dis. between two points on the Globe

Rhumb line


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